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A trailblazing Voiceover artist and one of the few internationally recognised female voices.

You’ve heard this go-to voiced artist performing announcing duties on a regular basis for major live, televised awards shows such as The Oscars, The People’s Choice Awards, The Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song; major televised events such as The Democratic National Convention; and numerous non-broadcast events including The Producers Guild Awards, The Lumiere Awards, The Oscar Nominees Luncheon, The Governors Awards for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and The GLADD Awards.

Ms. Fox has voiced hundreds of national promotional spots for national broadcast networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and international cable networks such as CNN, HGTV, EPSN and LIFETIME. She has voiced several award winning documentaries, countless national commercial campaigns, many Democratic political ads, and is the female voice of numerous local affiliate stations. Cedering regularly donates her voice to valued charitable organizations and is featured in the book, ‘Secrets of Voice-over Success: Top Actors Reveal How They Did It.’

Versatile, fast, experienced, intelligent, solid, deep, raspy, energetic, Intense, crisp, and polished spokeswoman.

As the Founder and Artistic Director of WordTheatre® operating in Los Angeles, New York, and London, Cedering has been casting and directs top film, television and theatre actors in productions featuring works by the world’s finest contemporary authors. She was anonymously nominated for a United States Artists Fellowship in recognition of artistic excellence.

For more information visit WORDTheatre.org

Whether voicing a 30 second promo, announcing an award show live or directing an actor to give voice to a finely crafted short story, Cedering harnesses the power of language to clearly communicate every story. She is on a mission to bring people together in a celebration of our shared humanity one word at a time!

Bruce Vilanch

Cedering Fox, bright queen of the voiceover, flawlessly delivers with an authority, sophistication and a sense of importance, that can turn anything into an event.

The Oscars, Head Writer for 14 years plus a gazillion other shows

Bill Finnegan

Professional, talented, versatile… Her work not only makes me look good, but also makes my work better.

Senior Partner, J Walter Thompson, NYC

Kristine-Ellis Petrik – Director

A voice as unique, intelligent and approachable as the person who inhabits it.

CNN Program Promotion Creative Services CNN

Alan Baumrucker


Executive in Charge of Production, People Choice Awards



“Learn to harness the power of language. Whether you are already working in the field or looking to break into it, I will share the techniques that have given me such an extraordinary career. When I was first asked to teach, I discovered that these simple tools, when practiced, can transform careers. Learn to express yourself more effectively, both personally and professionally. your auditions will lead to jobs as you gain confidence in these techniques.”  Cedering Fox

Learn to:
Harness the Power of Individual Words
Find Your Authentic Voice
Energize Your Reads
Develop a Voice that cuts through
Gain Confidence
Forge a Serious Career in Voice-Over acting

Individual Coaching is available but if at all possible, Cedering recommends you take her intensive “Using Your Voice for Success” before spending money on privates. You’ll immerse yourself in her simple to grasp, challenging to execute, but extremely empowering techniques and learn by watching and listening to others. Offered by popular demand, this class will change the way you think about voiceover and hasten your path to success!


Cedering also offers individual Coaching and Training Sessions for Corporate Executives, Politicians, Lawyers and others looking to improve their verbal skills.

How would you like to speak and have people really pay attention?
How would you like the confidence of knowing that you are a dynamic speaker capable of captivating your audience, large or small, in any situation?
Need help presenting a speech?
How would you like a coach who is also an experienced editor?

“From years of experience, I have identified simple tools that will help you to express yourself more effectively. You will make a more powerful impression when you speak and command a room without raising your voice. Greater success in your chosen field invariably follows as your needs, desires, stories, points of view, etc. are more clearly communicated.” Cedering Fox

Learn to:
Think about words in a new way.
Vocally harness the power of language.
Use your voice more effectively in every situation.
Express the essence of you, in your uniqueness, more fully.
Be a great communicator.

Words will become powerful allies as you learn to communicate powerfully, clearly and effectively.


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