There are many reasons why Cedering Fox is featured in the book The Secrets of Voice-Over Success: Top Voice-over Actors Reveal How They Did It. Her clients include The Oscars, The People’s Choice Awards, The DNC, Fox Sports, Reelz TV, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, ESPN, Visine, EPT, Cadillac, Simponi, numerous Democratic candidates, and many affiliate stations across America.

Find Your Authentic Sound

Energize Your Reads

Harness the Power of Individual Words

Gain Confidence

Forge a Serious Career in Voice-Over Acting

Cedering Fox offers Group Classes and Private, One-on-One Coaching for Voice Actors Looking to Get Ahead

Individual Coaching for Voiceover is available, but first, take Cedering’s all day intensive “Using Your Voice for Success” and immerse yourself in her simple to grasp, challenging to execute, but extremely empowering techniques. Offered by popular demand, this all day class will change the way you think about voiceover and hasten your path to success! Call 323-822-0823 for more information.

“I have identified simple tools to help you to express yourself more effectively. Learn to harness the power of language. Whether you are already working in the field or looking to break into it, I will teach you to ‘cut through’. Your auditions will lead to jobs as you gain confidence in these techniques.”

–Cedering Fox

Letters from Participants

My mind is blown! I can’t stop talking about my class experience with you yesterday. I am so impressed with you!! You are such a marvelous teacher. Besides having so much passion and natural instinct for giving each one of us just the right amount of correction, support, push, encouragement, and knowledge to go a little further each time we tried, it was just such a pleasure to watch you (and listen to that gorgeous VOICE) all day!


You are one in a million and I thank you for sharing your gifts. Thanks so much for the creative, empowering and eye-opening workshop on Saturday. In a world where so many people overcharge for voiceover consults and services, your workshop was worth every penny and you gave us your all and were totally invested and there with us through the work. I’m looking forward to practicing and then integrating your method.


I loved your class…it was like Space Mountain: terrifying and thrilling! It is not something I ever dreamed I would do, but I’d do it again. It was wonderful.


Thank you. Your mentorship has meant so much to us. Your appreciation for our work is extremely inspiring. The lessons of paying attention, working your ass off, caring deeply about the meaning of words and communication, is so important to the cliche of “the truth shall set you free”. You have taught us that the simple, yet very difficult assignment of being honest with yourself, understanding words and their meaning, being confident in one’s quest for said meaning, and eventually being able to convey that to an anonymous audience is important, not only to the VO world but to living everyday life. I can’t tell you enough about how it has changed the way I view the world on a moment to moment basis. I think and assume that my VO friends and colleagues feel the same.

— Ray

I would like to add my thanks, too, Cedering, for another inspiring, invigorating meeting this past Saturday. Thank you for reminding us that there is such a thing as quality in our work and everyone knows it when they hear it. And Ray, you assume correctly; our view of the world has changed, moment to moment, based on the work we are doing!