“Of all the talents bestowed upon men, none is so precious as the gift of oratory. He who enjoys it wields a power more durable that that of a great king. He is an independent force on the world…whoever can command this power is formidable.” — Winston Churchill, 1897


How would you like to speak and have people really pay attention?

How would you like the confidence of knowing that you are a dynamic speaker capable of captivating your audience, large or small, in any situation?


Cedering Fox, one of the country’s top Voice-Over Artists featured in the book Secrets of Voice-Over Success: Top V-O Actors Reveal How They Did It offers Private, One-on-One Coaching and Group Classes for Corporate Executives, Politicians, Lawyers and other Professionals looking to improve their verbal skills.


  • to vocally harness the power of language.
  • to use your voice more effectively in every situation.
  • to bring your story into the room.
  • to express the essence of you, in your uniqueness, more fully.
  • to be a great communicator.

Words will become powerful allies as you learn to communicate more powerfully, clearly and effectively.

“From years of experience, I have identified simple tools that will help you to express yourself more effectively and ensure that make a more powerful impression whenever you speak. Greater success in your chosen field invariably follows as your needs, desires, stories, points of view, etc. are more clearly communicated.” –Cedering Fox

Individual Coaching for Professionals is available. Call 323-822-0823 to book a one-on-one coaching session and for more information about her corporate training workshop.

As a top voice-over artist, Cedering Fox made network history promoting television shows at ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN. You hear her on live nationally broadcast shows like the 2008 Democratic National Convention, The People’s Choice Awards, on award winning documentaries, on independent film trailers, on countless national advertising campaigns and numerous local affiliate stations. Cedering is also Artistic Director of WordTheatre, a literary salon, where she directs top film, television and theatre actors in live performances of short stories in Los Angeles, New York and London. Selections are broadcast on NPR and sold by HarperAudio. (www.wordtheatre.com)